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If You See Game of Thrones, You Will Get These 10 Photos


Seriously, GIVE THEM BACK!

Taking a girl’s barbie dolls are one thing, but her dragons? You better be wearing a cup.


The World’s Most Hated

If you watch Game of Thrones, you know that Joffrey is the face of pure evil. Killing girlfriends, beheading for sport, we still don’t know where he draws the line, and it’s Season 3!

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10 Mind Blowing! Fictional Places That You Didn’t Know Existed


Up - Paradise Falls

One look a Angel Falls in Venezuela and you’ll think you’ve gone to Paradise Falls from the film Up. You might need a bunch of balloons to fly you up there, but the view looks magical.


Cars - Radiator Springs

The town of Radiator Springs in the movie Cars, looks to be modeled after the town of Amboy, California. Just look at the similarities.

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10 Signs You’ve Been Educated By The Jesuits



1. You know the entire life story of St. Ignatius of Loyola. You know this man. His teachings have truly been the background of your entire education. You know his prayer for generosity backwards and forwards. The Spiritual Exercises are nothing new to you, and you’ve taken part in an Examen or two.

2. You know what S.J. and AMDG stand for. You know that if someone’s name has an S.J. after it chances are they’re important, and you should probably behave in their presence. Also, AMDG has probably been engraved on a building on your campus along with all the other meaningful quotes that are ever so strategically placed.

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