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Weird Food You Can Actually Buy



Yum! Let’s try the boiled alive duck embryo please. 


Deep Fried Tarantulas

Maybe the fuzzy hair burns off during cooking, on the other hand it might help with an itchy throat!

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10 Best Liver Cleansing Foods



Garlic is very pungent, but only a small amount of this smelly substance is needed to stimulate the natural liver enzymes that help the body flush out toxins. It also contains a lot of allicin and selenium, which aid in liver cleansing.



If you’ve had a rough night of drinking, grapefruit might be the perfect thing to have for breakfast, whether whole or in juice form. Grapefruit is high in both Vitamin C and antioxidants, and it increases the natural cleansing power of the liver to get all of those foul substances out of your body faster.

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10 Coolest Features of the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch Comes In Six Options

There are three versions of this new smartwatch on the way: the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. Each of those versions comes in one of two different colors. The Apple Watch is available in Stainless Steel or Space Black Stainless Steel, the Sport in Silver Aluminum or Space Gray Aluminum, and the Edition in 18-Karat Yellow Gold or 18-Karat Rose Gold.


The Apple Watch Has a Retina Display

What modern Apple device would be complete without a Retina display? The Apple Watch’s 38mm or 42mm size screen prevents it from having the insane resolution of the iPhone 6, but it’s still impressively clear and vivid. The display is protected by nearly indestructible Sapphire crystal on the standard and Edition models, and by hardened Ion-X glass in the Sport model.

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15 Celebrities Who Look Exactly Like Cartoons


Walter White/Ned Flanders

The resemblance between these two is hard to ignore. Maybe Ned Flanders really is Walter White (Bryan Cranston). Hi-diddly-ho, neighborinos! Just off to cook some meth!


Rihanna/Sideshow Bob

At least Miley got her style from a female cartoon character. Rihanna’s huge, crazy red hairdo made her look exactly like Sideshow Bob!

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10 the Healthiest Condiments



Mustard is one of the healthiest condiments, so reach for it over ketchup whenever you have the chance. Both classic yellow mustard and spicy mustard are made from vinegar and a touch of salt, and they are both naturally fat free and sugar free. Additionally, the mustard seed is packed with powerfulantioxidants, and the majority of yellow mustards contain the cancer-fighting spice turmeric.

Be sure to avoid honey mustard, though, because it can’t make the same claims about fat and sugar.



Pick the right brand of salsa, and you will be rewarded with a healthy amount of vegetables and negligible sugar. Rather than only using it as a dip, try it as an alternative to ketchup on burgers or as aspicy flavor enhancer on a salad in lieu of fattening dressing.

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15 Phallic Facts About the Penis


They Are Breakable

The human is the only mammal that doesn’t have a bone in its penis, but that doesn’t mean that this reproductive organ is invincible. It’s completely possible to break an erect penis when it’s bent at an extreme angle. There will be extreme bruising and must heal for several weeks in a splint to prevent permanent damage.


There is a Museum Full of Them

There are museums dedicated to just about anything you can think of, and penises are no exception. The Icelandic Phallological Museum was created by Sigurour Hjartarson, who managed to acquire 283 willies from 93 different species of mammals. It’s far and away the most complete collection in the world

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10 Ways You Should Be Frightened By Fast Food


Think Twice Before You Super Size

You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off the calories in a large Coke, a large fry, and a Big Mac.


Chemical Shake

In order to copy the flavor of a strawberry, fast food corporations use a disgusting mix of chemicals. Just a few of these include ethyl acetate, phenythyl alcohol, rose, and solvent. A strawberry shake contains 50 different chemicals altogether!

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8 Tips for Creating Secure Passwords


Create Better Passwords in Just a Few Step

Any heavy Internet user has their fair share of passwords, which are required for just about every site and application on the web. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to create well thought out passwords and are easy targets for hackers. Following this guide will help anyone create better passwords and become more secure in their computer usage.


1. Check Your Current Passwords

It’s possible that you’re already using secure passwords, but more likely than not you’re using something which could be cracked in less than an hour.

There are many programs available that will give you the approximate strength of your passwords, but offers a quick and easy way to find out exactly how secure or unsecure you are. The site doesn’t store any of the characters entered, but you can run the site in offline mode to make sure that no passwords are stolen.

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