Top 15 Secrets and Tricks for Windows 7

Enhanced Calculator

You probably never gave much thought to the calculator in Windows beyond a quick simple calculation here or there, but you might want to give it another try. The calculator in Windows 7 has been greatly enhanced with extra modes you can access under the view tab. It can now do many different types of calculations including date calculations, unit conversions, fuel economy, mortgage and vehicle lease calculations and much more!

Customized Log-on Screen 

It used to take some potentially dangerous hacks to change the background image for the log-on screen in Windows, but now it’s pretty easy! Just follow these steps:

  • open REGEDIT
  • browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background
  • double-click the DWORD key called OEMBackground (If it isn’t there, create it)
  • set it’s value to 1
  • find an image to use that fits your screen and is less than 256k in size
  • copy that image into the %windir%\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds folder
  • rename the image to backgroundDefault.jpg
  • reboot and that image should be your log-on picture

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15 Minor Characters We Want in Star Wars Episode VII


Modal Nodes

One of the great fictional bands of all time needs an encore performance. The creepy Modal Nodes are the Kenny G’s of the Star Wars universe.


Wedge Antilles

Wedge is one of the best pilots in Star Wars history. Toss him in a new space battle or even a pod race. He is underrated and a heroic part of both “A New Hope” and “Return of the Jedi.”


Rotta the Hutt

Jabba’s death has not gone unoticed. This is the prime time for his creepy son Rotta to take the helm. Plus we could get a return of Leia’s slave outfit.

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15 Obscure Action Figures from the 90s

WWE Maximum Sweat Figures 

It’s obvious that WWE Superstars get sweaty in the ring, but no child wants to recreate that. These figures could be pumped with water and then “sweat” it out as you played.

Leo as The Creature from the Black Lagoon

An ultra-rare Ninja Turtle features a hybrid of Leonardo and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. An odd character mixture, but worth collecting.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Get this Kevin Costner figure and you can use him as Robin Hood, create a field of dreams, or mix it with Barbies for a “Bodyguard” type of play.

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10 Things How to Become the Funny Guy at Work

Be Mischievous

The funniest people have a bit of mischievousness to them. Being a good trickster is fun for everyone as long as you keep the pranks from going too far.

Know What Makes You Laugh

Knowing what you find funny will make it easier on landing jokes confidently. If you don’t find the joke funny then how can you sell it properly? Practical jokes are always a good option though.

Know Your Pop Culture

Humor is an ever evolving thing. Sometimes using the right movie or tv show reference can really sell the funny.


No one laughs with the guy who timidly tells a joke he half knows. They do laugh AT him though.

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10 Essential Life Hacks for Your Car

Pool Noodle 

If you have a tight garage space and you fear of damaging your car doors, there is a cheap and easy solution waiting for you in the pool toy aisle. Take a foam pool noodle and slice it in half. Secure it to the wall where your door would make contact. Now, if you door does hit the wall, it is buffered by the pool noodle’s soft foam surface and you won’t need to use your auto insurance.

Toothpaste on the Lights

If your headlights are a bit hazy, apply some toothpaste and elbow grease to clear everything back up.

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