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15 Phallic Facts About the Penis


They Are Breakable

The human is the only mammal that doesn’t have a bone in its penis, but that doesn’t mean that this reproductive organ is invincible. It’s completely possible to break an erect penis when it’s bent at an extreme angle. There will be extreme bruising and must heal for several weeks in a splint to prevent permanent damage.


There is a Museum Full of Them

There are museums dedicated to just about anything you can think of, and penises are no exception. The Icelandic Phallological Museum was created by Sigurour Hjartarson, who managed to acquire 283 willies from 93 different species of mammals. It’s far and away the most complete collection in the world

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The many reasons why we’ve stayed true to Nintendo. 

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9 Pregnancy Myths


Truth or Fiction?

The moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, she is bombarded with advice on how to take care of herself and her baby. Typically, doctor knows best, but she’s hearing it from her mother, her friends, and possibly strangers on the street who decide to put in their two cents. But some of the things we think we know about pregnancy are actually not true. Find out what advice isn’t worth heeding.


You’re Eating for Two

Yes, now that you are pregnant, you have another life to nourish; but this life is not an adult. The baby growing inside of you is so tiny that it doesn’t need an entire second helping of mashed potatoes or bonus slice of pie. You only need 300 extra calories a day during your pregnancy to sufficiently feed your unborn child; and you should only gain around 25 to 35 pounds over the course of the nine months.

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