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10 Real Life Gadgets Inspired by Science Fiction


Videophone - The Jetsons

I remember being facinated by many of the ideas in the Jetsons, especially being able to video call someone, and going to school on the computer.  Now I do both regularly.

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How to Live on a Low-Carb Diet


Avoid Processed Foods

There are many varieties of low carb diets out there. Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, and the Primal Blueprint are just a few. The one thing they have in common is a focus on lowering carb intake.

The first step to successfully following one of these diets is to nix the processed foods. There are a lot of low-carb processed foods on the market, but it’s best to avoid these, too. Focus on natural vegetables and fruits in addition to meats for you diet. All refined sugars and flours should be avoided.


Plan Your Menu

One of the most important parts of living a low carb lifestyle is menu planning. Each week, have a plan for what your meals are going to be, and when you go grocery shopping, stick to what is necessary for your menu plan. Be sure to include snacks in your plan, as well!

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15 Annoying Habits of College Professors


Terrible handwriting

You’d think that with today’s modern technologies there would be no need for college professors to have to write on the board by hand. Particularly if their handwriting is basically illegible. But oh, no. It seems like the ones with the most terrible handwriting are also the ones who are keenest to avoid taking the time to type their material out in advance!


Cracking Jokes

A sense of humor can be a very good thing. But some college professors just seem to be trying too hard in the humor department. They crack so many jokes that it just becomes unfunny!

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Guy Behaviors We Just Don’t Get


Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

Because honestly, it’s not that hard to put down when you’re done. And no, we shouldn’t have to put it down for you, because like most men that aren’t courteous enough to put the seat down, you’re probably also not courteous enough to avoid peeing on the basin. No one should have to make up for your laziness and put their bare hands on your urine at the same time.


Leaving Food Out

The mayo, the butter, the veggies and fruits; they all came out of the fridge, so why do you leave them out on the counter after you’ve made your plate? Not only can this become an expensive habit when you’re replacing all of that rotted food, but it implies that you think it’s someone else’s responsibility to put it all back for you.

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