15 Best Food Reward Programs


Olive Garden’s Lunch Block

Bust the lunch block to earn huge savings at Olive Garden. Sign up for emails from Olive Garden. They will contact you when the lunch block starts. If you go to their website before 11 am then you can receive a coupon for 25% off or more.


Starbucks Rewards 

Help fight off some of the high prices at Starbucks with their rewards program. You can link any gift card to a rewards account and let the treats start rolling in. On birthdays, you get your very own Starbucks drink for free!

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15 Simple Tips to Make Your Phone Run Faster

Shut Down Apps

As we use our phones throughout the day, we can leave many apps open in the background as we are multitasking. But this can quickly begin to bog down the phone’s limited processing power. Get in the habit of checking for apps that you are no longer using and shutting them down and your phone will run much faster!

Delete Emails and Texts

Keeping too many emails and texts saved to your phone can really slow it down, so go through and delete any unneeded messages. If there are some that you really need, save them to your phone’s mass memory or download them to your computer.

Remove Unneeded Apps

Speed up your phone by removing any unneeded apps, such as ones that came pre-installed on your phone that you never used or ones that you just don’t use anymore. This can also free up precious space that’s cluttering up your memory.

Animated Wallpaper and Screensaver

Sure, animated wallpapers and screensavers can look really cool on your phone, but if your number one priority is for your phone to run fast and smooth, skip them and opt for something more simple. They can also eat up your battery power as well.

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15 Funniest Celebrity Definitions On Urban Dictionary

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the first celebrity who’s name is actually used as a verb. Taylor Swift is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “The act of busting into the love-of-your-life’s wedding, proclaiming your love for said bride or groom, in the hopes they will walk away with you instead.”


Although this sounds more like a personal vendetta for a trauma suffered in childhood, Oprah is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “The woman that brainwashed my mom to stop buying soda. Forever.”


Usher is another verb according to Urban Dictionary: “To lift up one’s shirt, no matter how inappropriate the situation, in order to show off your abs.”


Shakira is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “One who’s butt don’t quit.” Can’t argue with that.

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15 Comic Books Everyone Should Read

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Son answers the simple question: “What would have happened if Superman’s rocket landed in Russia instead of the US?” and takes the reader on an amazing adventure through this alternate universe. The change in graphic design alone makes this Superman comic a great read.

The Watchmen

The Watchmen is one of renowned comic book writer Alan Moore’s most popular creations and with good reason. It’s the tale of costume heroes but takes place in a gritty world that is much more reflective of our own than many other modern day super heroes.

Saga of The Swamp Thing

Another great book by Alan Moore is the Saga of Swamp thing and is an neccessary read for every comic book enthusiast. Moore managed to take a monster character with a boring back story and turn it into an epic and emotional romp that explores the question of what it means to be human.

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Top 15 Internet Browser Extensions


Eliminate the constant Wiki tabs as you read articles and dive deep into research. Thanks to a high speed internet connection, Quickwiki will load Wiki pages right in the same window. Right-click on a keyword and then the informative window will pop up


Place your mouse over a thumbnail image and a full preview will automatically load. Saves a lot of time and hassle from clicking on images or loading new tabs.

Boomerang for Gmail 

This Chrome add-on adds a lot of custom options for Gmail. One of the best is the ability to delay emails for a later time. Once the scheduled time is reached, the emails will be automatically sent

Lazarus Form Recovery 

Stop filling out so many forms! The form recovery tool can resume half-filled out forms and saves information for easy access.

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15 Awesome Facts About The Lego Movie


Benny’s Space Helmet

While you’re watching The Lego Movie, look for the crack in Benny’s space helmet. This is true to the actual space figure from the 1980s. Poor design and weak plastic caused this common crack in almost every one of the figures.


Croissants & Sausages

One of the small running gags in the LEGO movie are the characters’ love for croissants and sausages. The reason for this is that the world of LEGO is very limited with food. Croissants and sausages can easily fit in figure hands and has become easy to produce.


Morgan Freeman’s First Voice Role

The man of thousand voice-overs has never actually done an animated role until The LEGO Movie. The part of Virtuvius was perfect for the actor.

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