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What are the Coolest Waterproof Gadgets?



If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to play their music out loud in public places than waterproof headphones are the right fit for you when it comes to water recreation. Waterproof headphones are also perfect for swimmers who like to listen to music as they workout. On top of that, these headphones can be used outside of the water for actual working out and what not. Waterproof headphones are something worth investing in.



Ever sat in the water at the edge of the beach in a beach chair and wished you could have a radio playing music for you. This luxury is actually possible! Many companies have created waterproof radios so that customers can do just this when they go to the beach or any other recreational water places. The waterproof radio really completes a lot of people’s visits to beaches and such. Many of these radios also even allow you to play your phone or iPod on!

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"If two people are meant to be together, they will find a way."

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New Uses for Everyday Household Items


Use Makeup Brushes to Clean Your Keyboard

Clean out crumbs, dust and dirt from your keyboard with a makeup brush. Buy a few cheap ones and store them in your desk at work — perfect for when you get a little too messy while eating lunch at your desk.


Use Cornstarch to Clean Kitchen Appliances 

When mixed with water to form a paste, cornstarch is great at removing grease from stovetops, countertops and cabinetry.

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Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Mechanic


Do Your Research

If you don’t know anyone who knows a good mechanic or you are new to an area, you are going to have to start from scratch. You should first start by researching the mechanics in your town to see what ones get the best reviews. Don’t just go to the closest one, unless they luckily happen to have excellent reviews as well!


Test Them Out

It might be best to find a good mechanic before you need one for a serious repair. You can either test them out by getting something simple done like an oil change and just seeing how they treat you and if you get a sense that they are trustworthy.

Another good way is to bring in a car that doesn’t have anything wrong with it and ask them to look for a problem. If they tell you it is fine, you can trust them, but if they come back with a list of needed repairs, look elsewhere for your future mechanic.

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