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10 Best Gifts for College Students



There’s probably not a college student on the planet who doesn’t love to listen to music. That’s what makes a nice pair of headphones a surefire hit. Earbuds are nice and all, but there’s nothing like an old-fashioned pair of headphones for high quality sound. These are also a great gift in case a student has an annoying roommate and just needs to be able to concentrate on homework.


Desk Chair

Whether a student is working hard or hardly working, they’ll be sitting in their chair a lot. The basic chairs that come with dorm rooms are nothing special, so finding a comfortable chair is essential. Heavy computer users, like technology majors or gamers, will really appreciate this thoughtful gift and use it every day.

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10Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Drink Green Tea

L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea plants, promotes relaxation and offsets the “hyper” effect of caffeine. This is why, although tea contains caffeine, it is still very soothing. Strive for 1-3 cups a day for maximum benefits.


Stay Away from Processed Foods

Processed foods, including artificial sweeteners, fast food, white flour products and soft drinks, can put stress on the digestive system. It’s best to avoid these foods if you want a calm stomach and a calm mind. Continue reading on for more Healthy Living tips.

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