15 The Best Backyard Games You Can Buy

Extreme Water Tag

Everyone loves a good Super Soaker battle, but now you can turn it into a competitive game. The vests that come with Extreme Water Tag are filled with holes and slots. As water gets squirted onto the vest, a meter fills up in the center. Once your meter is filled, you are eliminated.

Viking Bowling 

A lawn bowling game with some classic roots. Knock over spread out wooden pegs one at a time to build up your score and achieve the most points. The game only gets better the more you play.

Geyser Ball

Cool off and enjoy baseball at the same time with Geyser Ball. The foam ball can hold a ton of water and adds a huge splash every time it makes contact.

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15 Shady Facts About Eminem

Thought Up Alter Ego Slim Shady on the Toilet 

It’s weird how inspiration can strike at random times and places. For Eminem, the name for his alter ego Slim Shady came while he was on the toilet. “Boom, the name hit me, and right away I thought of all these words to rhyme with it. So I wiped my a**, got up off the pot, and, ah, went and called everybody I knew.” 

He Can Cook

Before he hit the big time, Eminem used to work in a Michigan grill as a cook for a measly $5.50 an hour. At least, he did until he got fired right before his baby daughter’s first birthday. “That was the worst time ever, dog. It was, like, five days before Christmas, which is Hailie’s birthday. I had, like, forty dollars to get her something. I wrote “Rock Bottom” right after that.”

He Dropped Out of School

Eminem explains why he dropped out of school. “I was a smart kid, but I hated school. I failed ninth grade three times. I just wanted to rap. I’d go to friends’ houses and rap, or I’d stay in my room all day, standing by the mirror and lip-syncing songs, trying on different clothes, trying to look cool. I knew every song by LL [Cool J] and Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys.”

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15 Best Celebrity Pranks of All Time

Ashton Kutcher vs. Justin Timberlake

Ashton Kutcher started his celebrity prank show with a bang by making Justin Timberlake cry on his very first episode! Timberlake was only 22 at the time and Kutcher had him convinced that he owed over $900,000 in back taxes and that all of his possessions including his dogs were going to be seized. He even called his mom for help!

Brad Pitt vs. George Clooney

Bradd Pitt and George Clooney have had an ongoing prank war for years! That gauntlet was thrown down when Clooney put a bumper sticker on Pitt’s car that said “I’m gay and I vote”. Pitt then sent out a memo to the crew of Ocean’s Twelve asking that they refer to Clooney only as “Mr. Ocean.” He also took out an ad in the Hollywood trade papers making fun of Clooney for winning People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive for the second time in a row, posting an old picture of George back when he had a mullet.

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15 Best Exercises You Can Do At Home

Mountain Climbers

The Mountain Climber is another great cardio work out that will also strengthen your legs and core. From a push up position left one leg up toward your chest and plant it on the floor as if you were about to begin a race, then quickly switch to the other leg. Continue these motions as fast as you can for about a minute between sets of other exercises for maximum calorie burn.


The Superman is a great exercise for strengthening your core and increasing the flexibility of back muscles. Lay flat on your stomach with your hands out in front of you (Just like Superman flies). Then lift your legs and arms into the air by supporting your weight with your stomach. Hold for 3 to five seconds with a 2 second rest between.

Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing Dog is great for stretching your upper body and lower body at the same time. Get on your hands and needs with your palms flat against the floor then slowly raise yourself up by shifting your weight off your knees and onto your feet. Continue to lift yourself until your rear end is fully extended and your feet are flat on the floor. It will be difficult at first but with practice this is a great exercise.

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15 Reasons Why Transformers 4 Might Not Suck

Star-Studded New Lineup

Mark Wahlberg. Kelsey Grammer. Stanley Tucci. They all hold the prominent roles. Yes, in the acting department, this movie is confirmedly not trash. This cast is also accompanied by…

A New Female Lead

Nicola Peltz is a girl with a little major acting experience under her belt. Because of her dedication to this project, she delivers an emotional experience not to miss, and certainly will be blowing Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley out of the water.

Actual Characters

In addition to the actors, the characters now actually make sense in the story. The protagonist is a mechanic who can help repair the Autobots, as opposed to the loosely connected “messenger” that was Sam Witwicky, the previous protagonist. Another character is intimately familiar with the Transformers’ technology. All the characters really feel like they belongin this movie, which is so refreshing.

Connected and Fluid Plot

The ties between humans and Transformers are much more present in this movie. Not to give away any of the plot, but the inter-being cooperation is much more evident: in a trailer, we even see a human holding a Cybertronian gun. (Also, awesome points.)

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15 World’s Most Luxurious Beds

HiCan’s HiFidelity Canopy

This is either the greatest bed, or the ultimate video game portal. Privacy blinds go down the side, a surround sound system blasts audio, an HD screen slides out from the top and a projector does the rest. Don’t plan on a lot of sleep.

Cosmos Bed

Sleep under the stars right in your own bedroom. The Cosmos Bed features glimmering LCD lights that mimic the night sky. The pod shaped bed also includes aromatic dispensers, an audio system, and a built-in alarm clock.

The Sonic Bed

The bed looks like a big box, but it’s actually surrounded by speakers to give you the ultimate relaxation as you sleep. Just kee your heavy metal playlist disabled while you sleep.

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15 Dangerous Household Threats to Your Pets

Human Food

Besides being bad for their waistline, eating human food can make animals really sick or even possibly kill them! We’ve all probably heard about chocolate being poisonous to dogs and cats, but it isn’t the only thing they need to stay away from. Some other foods toxic to pets include grapes, raisins, avocadoes, onions, alcohol, coffee grounds and beans, macadamia nuts and bones, which could shatter and cause the animal to choke. Click here to see the full list of foods to keep away from pets.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans, both inside and outside, are often full of all of those poisonous foods that we are trying to keep away from pets. Not to mention cans they can get cut on or get their head stuck in or other small objects they can choke on. So be sure all garbage cans have secure lids that pets can’t get into because the smell of all that lovely garbage is all too tempting for most animals!

Rawhide Dog Chews

Rawhide chews are favorites with dogs all over, but sadly they aren’t exactly safe. They can often be contaminated with salmonella, which can infect both pets and humans who touch the chews. They can also splinter and become a choking hazard. If you do give one to your pet, do so only under close supervision.

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Top 15 Degrees Employers are Looking For


The job market is looking really good for finance majors as about 67% of companies are looking to hire people with this degree. If you are interested in things like the Stock Market or just money in general, this could be for you. Sample careers for a finance manager are financial analyst or personal financial advisor.

Computer and Information Sciences

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on computers and that is really good for those who are seeking degrees in computer science. About 65% of employers are planning to hire people with this degree because all companies use computers nowadays and it’s much easier to have your own computer person. You’ll probably be the one keeping all of their computer systems running smoothly as a computer support specialist.


Another great degree for those who are good with numbers is accountant. Most companies need someone to do the books, which is why about 58% of companies are looking to hire people with this degree. Another good thing about it is that the people who hold this job are generally happy with it and it pays pretty good, too!

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15 Hidden Facts About Finding Nemo

Bruce is Named After the Shark in ‘Jaws’ 

Bruce in ‘Finding Nemo’ is named after another famous movie shark — the one from ‘Jaws.’ It’s the nickname of the great white in the scary 1975 movie — in honor of Steven Spielberg’s lawyer Bruce Ramer!

Why Ellen was Picked to Play Dory 

The role of Dory was written specifically for Ellen DeGeneres. Andrew Stanton cast Ellen after watching her TV show with his wife. She turned out to be perfect for the part because she would “change the subject five times before finishing one sentence.”

Wallace and Gromit Penguin Inspired Nemo’s Seagulls 

Feel like you’ve seen those seagulls somewhere before? Maybe that’s because they bear more than a passing resemblance to the evil penguin known as Feathers McGraw in the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ movie ‘The Wrong Trousers.’ Good excuse to rewatch that other classic animated movie!

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15 Secret Things That Turn Women On

Turning Off Your Cell 

Most people have a hard time going more than 10 or 15 minutes without checking their cell phone. Show your woman she is the most important thing in your life by turning off your cell phone at the beginning of a date. She will be super turned on by knowing that all you need in your life for the next few hours is her.

The Color Red

The color red subconsciously gets both sexes all hot and bothered, women included. Looking at the color makes the blood pressure increase and causes you to release more adrenaline, which can get you geared up and ready for sex. So don’t be afraid to throw on a red shirt the next time you go out on a hot date. It’ll make it even hotter!

Doing Chores

When men help with the chores or cook a meal, that can be a huge turn on for women. The biggest part of this is when they do it willingly and graciously, with a smile, because they truly want to help or feel like it is their equal responsibility, too. Nothing turns a woman on more than feeling appreciated. No woman is going to be turned on if you do the chore but complain about it the whole way through the process.

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15 Secret Facts About the Easter Bunny

Chocolate Bunnies

An Easter favorite is the hollow chocolate bunny. The treat is so popular that more than 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced every year.

The Bunny Was Originally Female

According to German traditions, the Easter Bunny was originally female. As the story and legend got adapted through the years, many different versions have shown the rabbit as a male. This includes cartoons, ads, and the holiday movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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15 Best Food Reward Programs


Olive Garden’s Lunch Block

Bust the lunch block to earn huge savings at Olive Garden. Sign up for emails from Olive Garden. They will contact you when the lunch block starts. If you go to their website before 11 am then you can receive a coupon for 25% off or more.


Starbucks Rewards 

Help fight off some of the high prices at Starbucks with their rewards program. You can link any gift card to a rewards account and let the treats start rolling in. On birthdays, you get your very own Starbucks drink for free!

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15 Simple Tips to Make Your Phone Run Faster

Shut Down Apps

As we use our phones throughout the day, we can leave many apps open in the background as we are multitasking. But this can quickly begin to bog down the phone’s limited processing power. Get in the habit of checking for apps that you are no longer using and shutting them down and your phone will run much faster!

Delete Emails and Texts

Keeping too many emails and texts saved to your phone can really slow it down, so go through and delete any unneeded messages. If there are some that you really need, save them to your phone’s mass memory or download them to your computer.

Remove Unneeded Apps

Speed up your phone by removing any unneeded apps, such as ones that came pre-installed on your phone that you never used or ones that you just don’t use anymore. This can also free up precious space that’s cluttering up your memory.

Animated Wallpaper and Screensaver

Sure, animated wallpapers and screensavers can look really cool on your phone, but if your number one priority is for your phone to run fast and smooth, skip them and opt for something more simple. They can also eat up your battery power as well.

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15 Funniest Celebrity Definitions On Urban Dictionary

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the first celebrity who’s name is actually used as a verb. Taylor Swift is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “The act of busting into the love-of-your-life’s wedding, proclaiming your love for said bride or groom, in the hopes they will walk away with you instead.”


Although this sounds more like a personal vendetta for a trauma suffered in childhood, Oprah is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “The woman that brainwashed my mom to stop buying soda. Forever.”


Usher is another verb according to Urban Dictionary: “To lift up one’s shirt, no matter how inappropriate the situation, in order to show off your abs.”


Shakira is defined by Urban Dictionary as: “One who’s butt don’t quit.” Can’t argue with that.

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