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10 Dos and Don’ts of Bar Behavior


Don’t Hog the Pool Table

If your bar of choice has a pool table or some other sort of game or equipment that must be shared by everyone in the room, don’t be a hog! Follow the rules of the bar, and don’t take up a table with the same two people for the entire night. Give other people a chance to play!

Again, not everything revolves around you. Other people want to have a good time, so don’t get in their way!


Do Know Your Limits

If you know you have a pretty low alcohol tolerance, keep your drinking under control. No one likes to be around someone in a bar who has gone far past their limit and behaves like an utter lunatic. On top of that, no one wants to watch you blow chunks all over the floor - or their face - either!

It’s fine to let loose and have some fun, but when your drinking gets out of control, it’s not a fun situation for anyone. Know your limits, and stick to them

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10 Simple Ways to Be More Attractive


Wear Clothes That Fit

A big mistake that a lot of people make is wearing clothes that don’t fit and aren’t flattering. Insecurity can be behind this, or simple lack of knowledge on the subject. Luckily for you, I’m here to help!

Only wear clothes that fit. Avoid oversized, baggy clothing, and also steer clear of items that are too tight. If the issue is your weight, you can instantly look 10+ pounds lighter just by choosing clothes that really fit your body.

Unsure if something fits? Bring an honest friend along to help, or ask a nearby salesperson for their opinion.


Eye Contact

Another action that can be a big help in upping your attractive factor is eye contact. Just like smiling, this opens your face up to the people around you and makes you seem more friendly. Plus, the person you’re talking to will feel important, like they’re the center of your attention. As a result, their opinion of you will increase.

For people on the shy side, this can be extremely difficult, but it’s not impossible. Slow down and take it one step at a time. Start out by making short bursts of eye contact with someone you already know, and then build up to eye contact with strangers. After a while, looking people in the eye will feel like second nature!

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10 Questions Should You Ask Before Getting Serious


Do You Want Kids?

One of the most important things to cover with your partner is the baby issue. Do you want children? How many? How do you plan to raise them? If you don’t agree on the kind or size of family you want, there are bound to be some major problems down the road if you do head toward marriage. 


How Are You With Money?

Part of getting serious with someone is knowing that you can depend on him/her not only emotionally, but also financially. This not only means that you can count on the other person to support you should you lose your job, but you should also take note of how your partner manages his/her money. If frivilous spending or poor handling of bank accounts and credit cars is apparent, it may be something that needs to be discussed and fixed before you get in too deep. After all, you will most likely be sharing bank accounts if you get married!

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10 Easy Cooking Substitutions



If your recipe calls for you to cook with wine, and you find you drank it all last night, you can use this mixture for each cup: 13 tablespoons water, 3 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon sugar.


Cream Cheese

Who would have guessed that you could substitute equal amounts of low-fat cottage cheese for cream cheese? You just have to beat it until it is smooth before you can use it.

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Top 10 Phone Cases for the iPhone 6


10. Spigen Tough Armor

Picking out a case for your brand new iPhone 6 is a tough, but important decision. The selection is fairly limited for early adopters, but these 10 iPhone 6 cases are the best ones available right now!

The Tough Armor series is Spigen’s most durable model, complete with “Air Cushion Corners” and a shock absorption pattern. The biggest complaint is that the lip around the screen is only 0.8mm tall, which provides limited protection against face-down drops.

Price: $18.99


9. Maxboost Vibrance Series

For iPhone 6 owners who care more about style than durability, the Maxboost Vibrance Series is a good choice. This soft cover offers good protection against scratches, but don’t expect it to hold up well against drops.

Price: $14.99

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15 Tips and Tricks to Beat Your Friends at Mario Kart 8


Rocket Start

With a little practice you should always be able to get the rocket start at the beginning of every race. It’s really quite simple. Just hold down the A button as soon as the 2 begins to fade and you will shoot ahead of everyone else who doesn’t know how to do the boost. Be careful of doing it too early however or you will be stuck at the start line for a couple of seconds with a false start.



One of the most important skills to learn in Mario Kart is drifting. Ideally, you should be doing this around every single turn to pick up speed. To execute it, you hit the R button to do a little hop as you turn into a curve. Hold it for a little bit and your wheels will start giving off blue sparks. Let go for a small boost. If you can manage to hold it for even longer and the sparks turn orange and the reward is a huge boost of speed which is totally worth it if you can pull it off. Another advantage of drifting is that it makes karts with poor handling stats easier to control through turns.

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15 Haunted Forts and Castles from Around the World


Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)

Edinburgh Castle is supposedly one of the most haunted locations in the entire world. It’s been investigated by top paranormal investigators, and almost all of them determined that the castle was actually haunted. Unexplainable feelings of being touched are common, and the ghost of a dog has been seen on the grounds.


Bhangarh Fort (India)

Bhangarh Fort is the only location with enough evidence to be officially declared as haunted by the Indian government. The legend goes that a man who practiced black magic cursed the fort, and it was later raided by Mughals who killed everyone living in it. Because of the supposedly dangerous levels of paranormal activity, nobody is allowed into the fort after dark.

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15 Reunited Casts from Classic TV Shows


Home Improvement

It’s so weird seeing the boys all grown up in this Home Improvement reunion photo. But Patricia Richardson, who played the mom, barely looks like she’s aged a day!


Boy Meets World

The cast of Boy Meets World is looking as good as ever, even though they are old enough to have kids of their own the same age as they were when the show started! Some of them are now appearing in the spinoff Girl Meets World.

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