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Surprising Benefits of Sleep


Control Your Weight

Need to lose a few extra pounds? If so, don’t neglect the importance of sleep! Getting sufficient sleep may help you lose more weight from fat rather than muscle, according to a study by the University of Chicago. Study participants who got 8.5 hours sleep rather than 5.5 hours sleep per night not only lost more fat, they also had less of a hormone that causes hunger. Lack of sleep may actually increase your appetite!


Relieve Pain

Lack of sleep may lower your pain threshold. In other words, you may be more sensitive to pain if you don’t get enough sleep. A study published in the journal SLEEP showed that an increase in sleep time may reduce pain sensitivity, at the same time as increasing daytime alertness. Sounds like a win-win!

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"I hate hearing something that absolutely kills you inside and having to act like you don’t care.."

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10 Skills Technology Has Made Obsolete


Cooking from Scratch

In some homes, dinner preperation used to begin right at breakfast. Now toaster ovens, microwaves and frozen food rule the kitchen. Thanksgiving could end up being the only day with a truly home cooked meal; but then again, there is probably a local Hometown Buffet nearby.


Film Developing

A picture was formally worth a thousand words. Now it’s worth a thousand “Likes” within minutes of snapping the image. People never used to take photos for granted, truly making a 24-image roll of film really count. Film developing was a practice that took care, patience and hard work. 

Hours of processing on one roll of film can now be done faster and en masse via Instagram.

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10 Things a Woman Carries with Her


Makeup Bag

If the purse is big enough, some women choose to carry their makeup with them. It’s a convenient place to store all of those Cover Girl and Clinique products, and allows them be prepared for touch-ups at any moment!


Hand Sanitizer

When you can’t get to the bathroom to wash your hands, a hand sanitizer, like Purell, comes in handy.

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