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"True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive."

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15 Sad TV Character Deaths We’re Still Bitter Over


Hershel Greene

There have been a lot of deaths on The Walking Dead so far, but none of them were quite as sad as Hershel. I mean, he had already survived getting bitten by a walker, losing half a leg to save his life, hobbled his way through most of another two seasons just to have his head chopped off by the Governor right in front of his daughters? Then we had to see his walker reanimated head in the next episode! It was just too much to handle!


Jen Lindley

If you never finished watching Dawson’s Creek, well spoiler alert: Jen dies. And it was horrible. This show was supposed to be about regular old teenage angst, not one of the main characters dying and leaving a one year old daughter behind! Not fair!

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Top 15 Unsolved Mysteries of Science


Extinction of Megafauna

Even with all of our advanced technology and some of the brightest minds the world has ever known, there are still many questions that science has simply been unable to answer. Click through to read about the biggest unsolved mysteries of science!

Today the largest land animal is the elephant but it wasn’t that long ago that even larger land animals walked the earth, such as the wooly mammoth. Most of these species went extinct only a few tens of thousands of years ago, yet we are still not sure exactly why. The two main theories are climate change and overhunting by man, but neither of these has been proven conclusively.


Alien Life 

Despite the fact that we can’t explain how life originated on Earth, most scientists agree that the odds of us being the only intelligent life in the entire universe are pretty low. So where are all of the aliens? Are they so far away we will never reach each other? Have they already been here but we don’t know? Or are we really the only planet in the universe with life on it?

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