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15 Insane Inventions Could Change the Future


Flexible Tablets

It seems like tablets are just finally catching on, but it won’t be long before flexible tablets take over. Plastic Logic and a few other companies are working on flexible displays with touchscreen controls. These special tablets are bendable and lightweight, which could spell the end of traditional newspapers and magazines.

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8 Natural Headache Remedies



If the idea of using needles to relieve headache-causing tension and pressure creeps you out, you can always turn to acupressure. Pinch the skin between your thumb and index (pointer) finger. Hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly release the pressure.

You can also try massaging your ears, particularly up and down the bones just behind your ears, for the same effect. Applying massage or pressure to these areas helps reduce tension and increase blood flow to alleviate headaches.

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15 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


Sharing Computers

If you share computers with a roommate or if you go to the library or somewhere else to use their computer, always make sure to cover your tracks when you are done. Sign out of all accounts you logged into and clear the browser’s temporary files and cookies, then sign out of the computer.

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15 Expensive Things That Aren’t Worth the Money



If you are spending tons of your hard earned money on these expensive things, you might want to consider a change, because it’s just not worth it!

We’ve been told that diamonds are the best gemstone you can buy, but that’s all hype! Despite the fact that many other gems are much more beautiful and more rare, diamonds have become the standard. Due to the fact that a single company, De Beers, controls almost the entire diamond market, they have grossly inflated their price, making them seem even more valuable!

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Speed Up Your Internet in 5 Steps


Secure Your WiFi

If you’re using a wireless internet router, make sure that no one else can access it by setting up a WEP password. 

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